Saturday, January 4, 2014

Painting the weekend away

     This weekend so far, has been very productive.  My husband has been putting together Barbie's dream house, her camper, and a Sofia the first desk, all for the girls.  When he finished that, he got to work on a project for the master bedroom that I have been dying to do.  Well not me personally, I'm glad to let him do all the big stuff, I'm just happy to see it coming along. I'm hoping sometime tomorrow I'll have some progress shots to show you all.

     As for the coffee table, it's received 4 coats of paint and I will need to seal it sometime this week.  That's one piece of furniture that gets a lot of use.  I still have it in the kitchen, I want to give the paint a chance to cure for a couple of days.

Here's what it looks like now.

I can't wait to get it back into the living room and come up with some ideas on how to style it.  I've been pinning Ironstone bowls off of Etsy.  I think it would make for a cute catch-all.
I love to layer and hang artwork and plates in unexpected places.  For example in the kitchen I have these plates above the window and the boxwood wreath.  The smaller plates are Ikea but I found them at Goodwill for 50 cents apiece.  The middle plate I spray painted white.  The vegetables on them were silver.  I wanted to give them a more unified look.  I also purchased the vinyl numbers from Craft cuts.  Here was my inspiration link and my photo down below of what I did.

Today, I played around with 2 paintings I already own.  I placed them in my living room window.  I'm not sure which one I'm going to go with.  Neither painting is really obstructing a view.  That window looks out into my neighbor's side yard and house.  This offers us both a little bit of privacy, while still bringing in some much needed light.

This one is the same painting from my last trip to the Goodwill.  I just gave the frame a quick spray in yellow but I just might change it up again. 

This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in my home.  It's moved around in my house quite a bit.  Currently it is in my youngest daughter's room.  Her nursery is a bit shabby chic-becoming the catch all room at the moment.  I think this might be to large to hang in the window, so back to the nursery it goes.
In my front window, I have a collection of plates, typography and a framed baby picture.  I love how it all works and spray painting the frames the same color really helped unify them as well as make them pop.

Progress is being made in the dining room...I know, I know my New Year resolution is to finish up the girl's room, but I just had to get this done.  It really wasn't time consuming at all and took 2 coats of paint.  I had the paint out already from the coffee table project.  I have ordered a few pieces of artwork for the girl's room as well as a couple of things to hang in the living room.  More on that coming soon.
This is my inspiration picture for my fireplace makeover.
Like I said "progress".  Let's just hope my poor husband doesn't read this.  He's the hired labor in all of this, and molding scares him.