Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gallery wall and DIY art

     I am feeling really good with how B and C's room is turning out.  At times, I've questioned if it was coming along as I have envisioned, but after putting up the gallery wall, I can see now I am on the right path.  The girls are excited to see all the changes, which really is all that matters. 
     I knew I wanted to create a gallery wall along this one wall. It needed to be fun and colorful.  Some of the pictures that inspired me are as follows:


Don't these walls look great?
Well, here is my little recreation of a gallery wall.







Here's a look at the entire wall.  I have a couple of empty frames still waiting for the art pieces to come in.  I might add a couple of new pieces to fill in some gaps.  The toddler bed will be replaced within the next month to a twin size day bed to match with her big sisters.
The faux taxidermy was bought off of Etsy.
Another great find from Etsy.

An original work of art by my talented 7 year old.

Tomorrow's blog will be all about my own DIY art work.  That's right, that abstract painting is my own original piece.
Please leave me a comment below and let me know what DIY projects you are currently working on?