Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY art work

     Another school delay this morning, but since the kids plus an extra are super cooperative, I thought I would get this posting out early.

     Yesterday's  post was all about the mostly finished gallery wall.  Remember, I still have a few more things coming in, and from there I will determine if anything else is needed.

I purchased 2 pagodas, assuming they were 2 different styles, as shown on the website. I have to return the larger size but it is  tempting to hold onto it for another project. 
I already had both canvases which I bought at Michael's craft store shortly after the Holidays.  Michael's was having a huge buy 1 get 1 free canvas sale.  For $8 I got 2.  Pretty sweet deal.

I used the same pink that I used on the wall.  The canvas on the left is my beginning attempt at abstract art.  Don't worry, I'm not going to quit blogging to become an abstract artist any time soon.

I used 2 coats of paint and let each coat dry for about an hour before adding the next layer.

     The O'verlays come with instructions on how to adhere them to surfaces, because this is so light weight, I decided to use just regular Elmer's glue.  So far, so good.

     I've mentioned in past posts, that I am loving the look of abstract paintings.  I've always loved art, but mostly studied the Medieval as well as the Renaissance time period, so abstract is a foreign concept for me.

     I searched through out Etsy for inspiring pieces and these are a couple of examples, I came up with.


     You can find both of these incredible pieces on Etsy, but be forewarned, they are not cheap.  So, what's a Mom, with an untrained artistic eye and a not so steady hand to do?  Make my own of course!!!

Again using the same colors for the walls that I already had, I simply just painted.  Don't give this to much thought.  Just go with it and enjoy it.  If it doesn't come out as you have envisioned, then just paint over it.  I'm kind of happy that my girls have something their Mom created, if in a few years, they decide having a piece of art work made by their Mom isn't cool, then really not a big deal.

     My last step was to take my Krylon gold sharpie and have a little fun with color blocking.  Again, don't over think this, just have fun with it.