Friday, January 17, 2014

Sea shells by the Sea shore....

     I was planning on taking the day/night off from writing a post but while reading this Dimples and Tangles blogpost, I ran across this very creative way of displaying an orchid plant, (well a faux one).  It's inspired me and I'm thinking this DIY project might have risen to the top of my must make list. 

                                                           Dimples and tangles blogspot

A hop, skip and well more like a key stroke over to Jo-ann fabrics, I found exactly what I am looking for, but better yet they are having a 25% off web sale.


                                                                        Jo-ann fabrics

Okay, so finding orchids is easy, right?  But what about finding a giant clam shell?  I mean one that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg kind of like this one below, found on Etsy.  This one can be yours for only $618 dollars, and I mean US dollars.

A further search led me to this one on Etsy, it retails for $217.50.

My quest for a giant clam shell, and that is exactly what I typed in my search bar, was beginning to make me think this DIY project was going to fall way to the bottom.  And then this little beauty appeared......

So, this clam may not come with a pearl but she comes with a price I can't pass up....$20....right into my virtual shopping cart it goes.  When I get all the materials gathered, I will put together a tutorial.  I have a spot all carved out for this little beauty, err giant clam.

Please share with me below, any down by the sea projects you have done or want too.


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