Monday, January 13, 2014

Master bedroom make-over

     I hope you found some helpful tips, as well as a little bit of inspiration from my post yesterday on building a window cornice.  I really love it, and it has added a little sophistication to the room that was seriously lacking before.  Would you believe I only consider this as progress?

Yup, just progress.  I switched out the curtains that were there.  I still love them but it's been 7 years, and with the wall color change, it was just time to try something new.  I knew I wanted lighter and brighter.  White curtains would give me the look I was after, plus I have a future project in mind using Greek Key trim.  I haven't decided if I'm going to go with green or maybe a taupe?  I'm even thinking about bringing in more of the darker pink from my bedding.  Here's a breakdown on cost and resources.  The curtains came from Target (recent purchase).  They're the "RE Style brand, Chesapeake white, single panels in 84" length.  I purchased 4 of these and they were only $9.95 per panel.  I also purchased 4 of the simple drapery clips at $6.49 each.  Funny enough, I haven't found the Greek Key trim for less than $10.50 a yard.  Joann Fabrics had a wide selection the last time I was there.  I might get lucky finding what I'm looking for at reasonable price on Etsy.  The red throw blanket was an Ikea find for $4.  Can't beat that.  My bedding I purchased years ago from Pottery Barn, on clearance of course!

The next project I have in mind isn't necessarily cheap but will bring my very dated bedroom furniture up-to-date.  I just can't see painting it, it's solid wood and constructed so well, and even after 16 years I still love it.  I have made some changes to it, like changing out the wooden knobs to pink glass ones.  I sprayed each of the screw tops gold to tie in further with the "gold accent theme".
I showed you my post about using washi tape as a decorative element on furniture but I think I'm going to take the next step which is using O'verlays.  O'verlays are a great way to add a new dimension to really anything.  I've used them on the exterior of my home on the windows as decorative molding.  You can find all sorts of examples on Pinterest just by typing in "Ikea hacks" or check out my board titled "O'verlays".  They have great prices on the sizes they typically manufacture for specific Ikea furniture, but expect to pay a little extra for a custom order.  I have found they have great customer service and their turnaround time to be quick.  (I'm not sponsored by them, this has just been my own personal experience).
You might have recognized the punch bowl turned faux mercury glass, now spray painted gold and being used for my paper whites. This was my quick 10 minute project over the weekend.  Got to love those quick DIY projects.
I changed things up on my dresser by moving  my milk glass collection over to the right and using a couple of the larger pieces as book ends.  The books are covered with gift wrap by Elum using just 1 sheet for $3.75.  I spent sometime over the weekend just shopping my own home first, especially after being inspired by my board I put together.
On Saturday, I had a bit of a road trip to see my favorite Blogger, Miss Mustard Seed.  If you click that link you will see that very same ottoman/coffee table now in my home.  I've been wanting a place to set my clothes out the night before.  I find it saves me a great deal of time if I take that one detail out of the morning equation.
Here are some additional pictures.

More exciting things to come!!!