Friday, December 6, 2013

Dollar store vases transformed into faux mercury glass

     Yesterday, I told you all I would show you how I transformed dollar store glass vases into faux mercury glass to use as holiday decor.  My fireplace is just one big black hole, I really needed to transform it and give it some holiday life.  I love having a fireplace, but we really can't use it between my allergies and the safety concerns I have with little ones and pets. 

                      Here are the glass vases I purchased. 

I already had one in my stash, so I pulled that one out to use as well.  In total 5 vases, for $5 dollars.  Can't beat that.  I showed you how I turned this 25 cent punch bowl into a mercury glass lookalike and it's perfect for my little pine tree.

I used Krylon's looking glass to create this look as well as a spray bottle of water.  I washed the price labels off, ensuring no sticky residue left behind.  After that, I just flipped them over, and sprayed each vase with water.  Once I finished that, I lightly sprayed the looking glass all around each of the vases.  I went back inside and did some things, so they probably had about 30 minutes to dry before I repeated the steps of spraying with water and then immediately using the looking glass spray.

Here are the glass vases finished.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  My next step is to get some of those battery operated candles and place them inside for a cozy, warm glow.  I've also thought about maybe placing some holiday greenery in there.  What would you add to make this a little fuller?  Leave me a comment below.