Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meeting Miss Mustard Seed....

Today I got to meet my Blogging idol Marian of Miss Mustard Seed, actually go inside her house and purchase a truly beautiful piece of furniture. It will be hard to top a day like today. 

I tried to sneak peeks of course and I can tell you it's more beautiful in person. She truly has a great eye for decorating but more than that it FEELS like a home, which as a Mama of 3, I'm looking more for cozy and less magazine editorial. As you can imagine her and her husband are both genuinely nice, and my husband was relieved to have someone help him carry out the huge antique hutch I purchased. Her ironstone collection is to die for. I have a lot of catching up to do! 

Don't you love when you purchase a piece of furniture or artwork and you get to play around with it?  I feel like such a kid in a candy store and enjoy shopping my own house to accessorize with. I'm not sure I will ever be able to say I'm finished, which Honey if you are reading this then "I'm sorry....,well just a little bit". Actually, he's pretty supportive and very active with the behind the scenes types of things.  It was nice he could relate with Marian's husband on this. Like a true fan I brought a copy of her book to sign which she did so graciously. 

Okay, onto the newest addition to my living room, but if I switch things around it just might end up in my dining room. Again, never really finished. 

This hutch was possibly made in or around 1830, has its original hardware, adjustable shelving, 2 deep drawers and all it's original hardware. The glass is also the original bubble glass, which is possibly one of my favorite features. 

Originally in its place I had a bookcase I painted white and papered the interior. I still love it but it was looking a little lost in the room. My plans are to repaint it and find a new paper for the interior. It's going to be moved to my son's room for all of his sports trophies and books. His room is somewhere on the to-do list, but I'm still stuck on the girl's room and have just a few finishing touches for my room left. 

I managed to move most of what was on the original book shelf over to the hutch. I will have to at a later time adjust the shelving a little more to make some of my larger pieces fit. For now it's done! 

I have lots of magazine holders from Ikea, the ones not labeled were picked off by my 2 year old. This Mom loves her labels. 
I need to purchase more photo albums from Exposures catalog. They're a little pricey but I want to protect my pictures with something of quality. I have a couple of my ironstone pieces tucked in there. On the third shelf up I have a couple of ceramic urns I bought years ago from a consignment shop. The silhouettes are of my two oldest when each of them was three years old. We got them at Disney and it just so happens we are taking the kids again when my youngest will be 3. I swear it wasn't planned that way.  The top shelf contains some of my wedding china made by Spode, titled "Pearl River".

A close up of one of my appetizer plates. 

The small gold tray is where I usually put down my cell phone so I don't have to hunt it down. Everything needs a place! 

I actually have 2 crystal  bowls here, both wedding presents I cherish. 

Here's my little bowl of chestnuts....I think it's time to roast some of these but in the oven and not the open fire. 

Here's a link to Miss Mustard Seed, she also offers a great milk paint line as well.