Thursday, December 26, 2013

Temptation all around me...

Every year after Christmas I head straight to 3 stores. Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I go armed with a coffee in one hand to give me energy and Christmas money in my wallet. I look for things I don't need but can't say no too, things that will help me better organize, and things I've seen in magazines or online that I have fallen in love with. I also look for pieces that I can change or repurpose at the right price. Well, I can tell you none of these stores has ever disappointed me. Here's a teaser of what I said no too. 

The only reason why I said no is because I have no room in the car. I have a ton of Christmas presents to bring back to Maryland. Can you believe it was just $199 and I'm pretty sure I read a sign for additional discounts.

I have no need for an ice bucket but I fell for the design. I dream often of having a bar cart set up but with juice boxes and bottled water.

Talk about a great way to get organized and look completely charming. Sadly, I put it back because you have all seen my multiple command centers. 

I love this color. It's so rich and luxurious, but I have no where to use this tray. Oh well.....

Leave a comment and let me know the items you found tough to let go.