Monday, December 16, 2013

Boxwood wreath DIY

     I anticipated a lot of snow this weekend, which meant being stuck inside.  I ran to Joann's on Friday night and armed myself with crafts for me as well as the kiddos, complete with chocolate lollipop molds ;-).  I figured what a great way to spend the weekend, doing crafts and watching holiday movies.  Well the snow wasn't that bad, but we did stay mostly stay at home.  

     Our only "to-do" was to have breakfast with Santa. For the last 7 years we have been going to the Church around the corner for their annual craft fair and star attraction of Santa.  Breakfast is yummy pancakes and sausage, and they have a fabulous organist playing Christmas tunes.  In the gym they have homemade, donated wreaths.  It's nice to walk around and see the creativity. My husband surprised me with bidding on and winning a wreath I said I really liked. He did the same thing a few years before on a Disney wreath. I did have to promise my children that Mickey would remain on our front door, despite getting a new one.  

I changed things up on my mantle and placed the new wreath here.  Funny enough on Friday I decided to make a wreath and grabbed all the materials.  I was inspired by this picture.

I added a ribbon because my plan is to hang it in my kitchen window.  You can find more here.  Instead of a garland like the tutorial, I found a square with detachable boxwood stems.  On Friday I purchased 2 of these, but ended up going back on Sunday to grab another one.  I could have easily used 4, but began to space them out a bit more at the end.  Price wise it added up to what a preserved one would cost, and this is a long project, but I love making things myself.  I just put a Christmas movie on while doing it.  Here's what I used to make this.

Not shown is a glue gun, you will definitely need this.  Also, I didn't use a toothpick to poke holes like the tutorial.  I took a pen and removed the ink from inside and used that to make my holes.

Here's what it looked like when I ran out, but trust me once I finished it, I was happy with the results.

Yes, that's a Spongebob chia pet, don't judge.  I'm a Mom.

As for my list I made here, I didn't manage to cross off really anything.

This weekends to do list.
  1. Touch up all the paint spots in the girl's room.
  2. Finish the chair by adding gimp.  I already got an email that the rugs should arrive tomorrow.
  3. Put together B's new bed.  I measured everything out, but it helps me visually when I can see things in place.
  4. Get the necessary parts to glam up the dresser with what's in that mystery box.
  5. Make some DIY Holiday decor.
  6. Take a nap!!!!!
I managed to cross off #2, #3 is about 80% finished and that took 4 hours to get it to that point, and I am about 50% finished with #5. Sadly, no nap for me this weekend.  Oh well....

Did you cross off anything on your list this weekend?