Tuesday, December 31, 2013

     I've discovered I really enjoy blogging. It pushes me to get things done, keeps me accountable, and helps me look at my home in a different way. I hope through reading about my experiences it motivates you to look at your house in a new and exciting way, and perhaps try something you might have been putting off. 

     I can't say I plan out what I'm going to blog about each day or even if I'm going to that day. I just kind of let inspiration hit me and if my wallet can follow. I have been giving some thought as to what I'd like to do here. I have a wide variety of interest. I love to cook, occasionally bake (even from scratch), decorate, I love (imagine a giant red heart) clothes and things that sparkle, shopping (but that goes without saying), DIY, making crafts with my children, and home organization.   I probably should do a little more of the latter. I'd add on exercising and although I do, do it, it's not exactly enjoyable to me. I still can't understand why we can't just deduct the calories and fat from the foods we say no too? 

     If you continue reading my blog, you will see some changes. At times it might appear all over the place (and it will) but really it's me being true to who I am and pursuing all areas of interest. 

     I've been seeing a lot in the blog world about a 100 item purge. I'm sure I can find a lot more than that, but not only do I want to purge items, I want to organize what I keep. That takes time and sometimes expense, but in the end a well organized, functioning household is a must for me. I'm looking around and trying to decide where to begin. 

     Tonight though, I'm going to partake in a buffet style menu brought home as a surprise by my husband, finish eating, curl up on the couch with the family and watch a movie. I'll be asleep well before midnight.