Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

     Outside the weather is frightful, but inside the Christmas decor is beginning to look delightful.  I'm glad everything is cleaned off the dining room table.  I decided I'm not putting out as much this year as I have in the past.  Mostly, because I'm over the "over the top" decorating.  My goal is to get back to a more simplified and homemade version of Holiday decorating.  


Here's what passes as a Christmas village for us.  Each year the gingerbread houses the children make, have a spot of honor on the fireplace mantle.  More like, we could keep it out of reach of small hands and pets.  They have 1 piece per day.  My son loads his up with as much as he can to try and make it last a little bit longer.  Here are a few of my favorite things below.

                               Rudolf the red nose reindeer.

               This was a cute craft we made when he was just 3.

My children made these when they were each in preschool.  Someday the littlest member will attend there too.

Here's a corner of my dining room.  I use fake poinsettia around the house.  I found them all on sale at Michael's Craft Store, years ago.  

Remember this post, where I picked up this hurricane glass and pine cones?  I was inspired to create this, minus the ribbon.

She has so many creative and inexpensive decorating tips.  Now, I'm thinking I need to add red ribbon to mine.

I told the kids that Santa, which is our tree topper is leaning over to keep a better eye on them.  So far it's working brilliantly.

Here's our slightly larger "Charlie Brown" tree. Our theme has always been 50% off after Christmas Hallmark ornaments.  That's my pug stand up which is usually in the fireplace.  We love our little "Tallulah" when she isn't trying to steal food.  

This is still in my dining room just as you walk in the door.  I got the print "Baby it's cold outside" personalized and all here.  The deal has expired but you can contact the seller here.

She also made this one. I just popped it into a frame, placed a wreath over the top of it and tucked a letter in it.  It's the only "grown-up" piece of Holiday decor on my mantle.  The paper is a thick card stock and I am happy with the quality, and of course the price.

This weekends to do list.
  1. Touch up all the paint spots in the girl's room.
  2. Finish the chair by adding gimp.  I already got an email that the rugs should arrive tomorrow.
  3. Put together B's new bed.  I measured everything out, but it helps me visually when I can see things in place.
  4. Get the necessary parts to glam up the dresser with what's in that mystery box.
  5. Make some DIY Holiday decor.
  6. Take a nap!!!!!

What are your upcoming plans?  Leave me a comment down below.