Saturday, December 21, 2013

Command centers

     I'm not at 100% but I have a working computer and things still need to get done around here.  I was motivated today to clean out some of the arts and crafts things.  I'm sure more are coming in, but still some progress was made. I posted in my local community's Facebook page "free to good home". It feels great to purge.  I'm also working on a "command center" as well.  I need to put in place a good system for all the school papers that come home, dates to remember, and things that need to be saved and others that need to be tossed.  I find I am more at peace with my home when things are organized, or at the very least neatly piled up. Here are some of the command centers that I have pinned on Pinterest.

Right now this is what I have, but it's scattered around my kitchen with no clear definition.  

Nothing needs to be decided tonight.  I can keep pinning away until something really strikes me, or combine different elements that will suit my needs.

I'll leave you with my all time favorite Christmas song.