Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just another Saturday...

     Just another Saturday of craziness in my house.  We are blessed to live in a wonderful school district, with a very active Parent-Teacher Association.  There are lots of family social events, and this one in particular is my children's favorite.  It's the annual Winter Carnival, with lots of crafts for the kids to make, a kids only store to shop for little presents, donated pizza, hot dogs and popcorn, and this year a craft fair.  

     The craziness came from my son and his 2 friends we brought along.  Imagine 3, 10 year old boys and of course, my very active little girls with lots of candy in sight.  All for the gingerbread houses of course ;-)  It's such a great way to spend time as a family as well as catch up with friends and discuss upcoming holiday plans.


This was a sharpie dream come true for my girls.  I'm always yelling nooooooo anytime one of them (mostly the 2 yr old) nears the sharpies.  I still have a lesson learned example on a piece of furniture from said 2 yr old.  This is something the girls do every year and it's a fantastic idea.  A plain white tile, some sharpies and some imagination is all you need for this project.

   Here's our growing collection I keep up all year long. I love seeing how their artistic ability changes from year to year.

On a random and funny side note, I thought you all might enjoy this.

 Here's my attempt at decluttering which in fact, just cluttered up my dining room table.  My dining room is the first room you walk into, so really it's the catch all room.  I'll figure out a system another day, until then I need to shuffle the pile of clutter, I mean papers to another location.  

Happy Weekend!!