Monday, December 9, 2013

Hodge podge of half finished projects...

     I think I can say with certainty that not much in the way of decorating or completing any outstanding projects (like my entire house), is going to happen today.  The kids are home from school and, I'm lucky to just do a little post today. 

     Yesterday it snowed, and we just enjoyed listening to Christmas music and putting our tree up.  A funny thing happened after our tree was decorated though,  my husband and I turned to one another and agreed that our tree and ornaments were some of the ugliest we have ever seen.  This just made us all laugh and remember why it is we have a skinny looking artificial tree.  Last year, our artificial Christmas tree of 15 years, (allergies keep me from the real kind) met an untimely demise.  Thanks to one of our cats climbing the branches and toppling it over.  This caused it to snap and surprisingly, we only lost 2 ornaments in the accident.

     My children, said Christmas just doesn't feel right if we don't have a tree.  We kind of agreed, so off to Target we went. Of course this all occurred a week before Christmas.  I can tell you, the only trees left at that time are the expensive $300 plus ones.  In hindsight it's worth the investment, but with Christmas having been just a week away, we were in a rush to finish our Christmas shopping.  We passed up on the expensive ones, and as we were exiting the store a woman came in to return her Christmas tree.  

     With lightning speed, my husband followed the woman to the return line. (Not like a creepy stalker but more of a desperate Dad).
He stood behind her, while she made her return.  Her reason for the return?  "The tree is skinny and kind of ugly".  Yep, she said it.  My husband said he would take it.  The price was right.  Maybe a little too right?  We were desperate, and thought, "how bad could it really be?"  Well, it's bad but it's ours to laugh about each year.  I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.

     I am about 90% finished with upholstering the chair.  I just need to purchase some french gimp.  Thank you, thank you , thank you Miss Mustard Seed, for your post about your upholstered chair. The gimp is exactly what my chair needs.  I plan to pick some up this weekend, and finish! Here's what her amazing chair looks like.

     I'm also thinking the chair needs a nice little rug underneath it.  I am beginning to love the layered rug look. Here are some images I found on Google with this same look.


What I love most about this one is how they are all angled differently.

Here are the 2 I am trying to decide on.  Both are roughly 2x3 and I would purchase 2 and make them into a 2x6.  I have a large sisal rug in there now, but the rugs would really anchor the chair I have been working on as the chair is at an angle.

Furbish Studios is selling this one.  I like that it adds some color and another textual element to the room.

Urban Outfitters has this one.  It's actually a bath mat but with a rug pad and with it being under a chair, it shouldn't be an issue.  I am leaning more towards the cream colored one as opposed to this blush one.  Again, I would need 2 to make it slightly longer.  Sometime this week I'm going to make my decision.  What are your thoughts on the layered rug look?  Which one of these beauties would you choose?