Friday, December 27, 2013

Making my list, and during the year checking it twice.

     On my list to accomplish this year.

1.  Finish my girls room in the next 6 weeks.
2.  Create a more streamlined and unified command center.
3.  Paint the kitchen cabinets.
4.  Paint the interior of the outside door and purchase new hardware for it.
5.  Create a new tradition with the family.
6.  Commit to daily fitness and overall general good health.
7.  Get back into a book club.
8.  Re-do my son's room from top to bottom.
9.  Completely transform the upstairs hallway as well as the stairs.
10. Find a ceiling treatment for my bedroom to give it a little "pop".
11. Cook and bake more with my kids.
12. Register for the Fall my littlest to attend pre-school. :-(
13. Purchase a new winter coat and have my old one cut up and made into a pillow.
14. Sign up for a workshop offered at a home improvement store.
15. Laugh every single day.

Have you made a list of to-do's?