Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Part Deux....the little details

     Here's the second part to yesterdays post. Today's post is all about the little details that went into the bathroom.  Even though they might seem small, they really do add up and can contribute significantly to the overall feel of the room.  

     One thing that I did, for a more cohesive look was using all chrome fixtures.  It started with the vanity faucet that we purchased from a big box store.  

Which led me to the rainfall shower head by Delta, (also from the same big box store).

The shower is located behind the wall that use to have the small vanity and toilet.  One of the best things about the shower is the instant hot water.  That was another surprise from the hubby.  The tiles are porcelain right off the shelf.  I also have a great built in shelf for all my products.  The shower curtain is a plain white, waffle weave from Target.  I really wanted a calming look for my bathroom, and I think I achieved just that.

I purchased a 10 pack of these multi-faceted knobs from Target, all for $24.99.  I used them for the vanity as well as a cabinet I have hanging up.  I have 2 left over for a future project.

The frames all came from Target, but I had to order 1 online, as there were no more in stock. I took 3 of my favorite wedding pictures, and had them made into black and white.  Another  detail I added to the mats, was my initials in a beige color.  I get all my vinyl lettering and shapes from here.  The letters only cost me $5, and I love the added interest to the frames, it brings.

I should warn you. I would probably monogram everything in sight, as it's one of my most favorite touches to any room.  It dresses up the ordinary, like these Target baskets.

I use these to store additional toilet paper, face clothes and hand towels.

This bathroom storage tower originally came from Williams- Sonoma, and retailed for $325 (insert audible gasp). I found it on Ebay, brand new with the price tag still on it. I got it for $30, and shipping cost me just $20. It really pays to be patient and shop around.  You never know what kind of bargain you will be able to find.  I framed another wedding picture, and placed a silver tray from the dollar store under it.  I love the gold perfume bottle that adds just a little contrast to the room.   

This cabinet hangs just above the storage tower, on the wall that use to have the vanity and toilet.  I purchased it at Pottery Barn for my first home.  This cabinet is great because it keeps all those things that my littlest would love to get into, out of reach.

Here's a cheap and easy DIY artwork project.  I took 2 gold frames I had, and spray painted them white.  I then added gift wrap as my piece of artwork.  As my kids would say, easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Here's a look at my first ever no-sew curtain I made.  

This is an indoor-outdoor fabric made by Waverly.  Someone was selling this on Ebay,  4 yards of this for $30. SOLD! I found towels from Target called mint ash that look  just like the same hue of green in the curtain. 

Here's the tutorial for how to make this curtain in 15 minutes, from Young House Love.  It actually took me an hour as it was my first time.  I'm really happy with how my bathroom came out.  I started with a small room, and it helped me gain confidence to move onto other rooms in my house.  It was a process that took months to re-decorate, but in the end it was worth it.

Tell me about any re-do's you have in mind?