Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY artwork for my bedroom walls

      I have been searching for artwork for both my bedroom as well as my girl's bedroom walls.  What I have been running into frequently is the use of gold typography.  If gold isn't your thing, you can really use any color, so if you love the look of red, then go for it!  I just happen to like the look of gold and it ties in well with what I have been doing in my bedroom herehere, here, and here.  

    As you may know by now, Etsy is one of my favorite places to look for affordable art as well as thrift stores.  I have found a lot of shops selling these types of gold foil prints, ranging in different prices from cheap to pricey, as well as pretty much any saying you can think of.  Also, the majority of these shops can cater to whatever color works best for your color scheme.  

I decided to give this a try, minus the gold foil, but still keeping the look of the gold.  I wanted cheap, but still looks good up on my walls, with a personalized feel to it.  It's a good thing I have an overflowing closet of what I like to think of as treasures.
Here's what I used to create my own artwork.

I had a couple of cheap frames stashed away, a couple of sheets of printer paper, some of my rub n' buff, and my gold sharpie by Krylon.  The most expensive item is my sharpie at a total of $7 if you don't use a coupon from Jo-ann Fabric. 

I used my rub n' buff for the frame.  I like how it gives a burnished look to the frame.  This took very little of the rub n' buff and only about 5 minutes per frame.

I decided on "His" and "Hers" for each side of our bed.  I took my Krylon sharpie and wrote it out in my best handwriting.  Okay, so I went through quite a few sheets of paper to make it look neat.  I added my washi tape to the top and bottom.

Pop it into the frame and hang....and voila instant artwork at very little cost.

Here it is on my husband's side of the bed.  (Note the holes in the wall), I need to patch that and then hang the matching Ikea sconce on his side.

If you look at the bottom left hand corner you will see my cat making an attempt to photo bomb.

I love my Martha Stewart sunburst mirror.

My $4 sheet from Ikea.

Close-ups of my needle point pillow off of Ebay and fabric I had turned into a pillow.  It's such a fun scene.