Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Displaying jewelry

I knew I would end up using those 2 sweet milk glass compotes for holding jewelry.  I already have a small collection that I found on Etsy, which I use to hold rings, and bracelets.  I've needed something for a while to both organize and display my love of colorful beaded necklaces.  I love seeing a little bit of pop against the white shelves, which just seems to energize the room. (And as I am no morning person, this helps).  

I already owned these 3 above, which I purchased off of Etsy.  I'll have a future post all about my DIY shelves and some of the projects I created on each of the shelves.  And last but not least here is one more picture displaying how I used my $2 thrift store find to display my beaded necklaces.  
What are some of the interesting ways that you display your jewelry?