Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did you really just buy that?

     It's been a week already, what?  Time flies when you are having fun shopping, transforming, decorating and blogging.  This is something I've wanted to do for some time now, but kept putting it off because of well, fear.  Yep, that's right! Things like, "Will I be any good at this?" or "What will people think?", kept popping into my head.  The biggest message that I have taken away from almost every blogger out there is "just be yourself" and "you can do this". So here I am, and I'm glad that you have found yourself here as well. Do you have any dreams of your own?  Tell me about them.

     And off to Goodwill I went......

     I managed to sneak away for a few hours this afternoon and shop to my heart's delight.  Of course I didn't walk away empty handed.  Now before I show you the pictures, I have to give you some fair warning.  Some of the things you will see are best described as "ugly" or even "really ugly".  Still want to have a peek?  I always try and look past finishes and surface dirt and think of new ways I can transform something.  Sometimes it works, and other times, not so much, but I'm always glad I've tried something different.  Without further ado.......

I'll give you a break down here.  These lamps will go in my son's room on top of his dresser.  I just need to find a couple of lampshades and maybe some ribbon to spruce up the shades.  His room is on a very long list of "to do".  I should mention they were a whopping $6 each.

I really love this painting.  The frame not so much in it's current state.  There are some minor dings on the painting,  but it adds to that shabby chicness that I love.  I already have in mind what the color of the frame is going to be.  I think it will help highlight the colors in the painting. I snagged this for $12.  You will just have to keep coming back to see the transformation. 

Now onto the "ugly" or "really ugly".  

She's a beauty isn't she?  I don't know why I've decided this tray is a she, but it works for me at the moment.  Bright red with lots of gold polka dots.  Clearly she was a craft that went wrong.  This is a really solid tray and I loved the square cutouts all along the sides.  A little bit of paint and she should be as good as new.  My investment in this was just $4 and I'm kind of embarrassed to show you all exactly how many cans of spray paint I own.  And as if her bling wasn't enough, you should see the next picture down below. 

Are you wishing you didn't look?  I know it's all a little "gold", but I have some ideas floating around in my head.  The wall shelves came as a pair for only $4 and the frame was $3.  I'm such a big spender, I know.

I had a little fun with instagram on the next few pictures.  I love silver, I just don't love to polish it.  Again I have some ideas floating around.

I have one more photo but I'm saving that for another day, another post.  It involves my love of milk glass.  Let me know all about some of your "ugly" or "really ugly" finds that you managed to transform.