Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trays, trays everywhere....

Adding a nice touch with trays....

    O.K. so yesterday I admitted to being a "chairaholic", well that isn't the only thing I find myself hoarding, err collecting.  I also love trays.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to just that, TRAYS. I love organization even though my house at the moment doesn't look it, and trays offer a great way of displaying my found treasures or organizing them in one place.  My next couple of blogs will probably be on this same topic as I still haven't gone out and gotten more staples to finish my first ever upholstery project.  Let me show you project # 1 as I'm calling it.  It doesn't even involve spray paint, which come to think of it is probably something else I hoard.

When I saw this I said "oh yes, please".

I actually wanted something slightly larger for my night stand.  A place to put the remote (and yes in this family I get the remote), and somewhere to put any jewelry I might have forgotten to take off.  As luck would have it, that same day I discovered this great how-to blog on how to make a tray just like this one, but the monogram, was FREE.

Now, I have my own to ooh la la over.  Here's how I did it. I found this fabulous site which offers lots of different styles. You can find it here:

The first thing I did was to laminate it.  I don't have a fancy machine just individual sheets I picked up at Target.  The exact tray I used can be found here at the Container Store.

I know I spent a whole $5.99 plus shipping for this!

Here's my handy, dandy tools.

I placed the tray on top of my laminated paper and made small snips as to where it needed to be cut.  Once that was done all I needed to do was place the sheet inside and voila....

See I told you I get the remote!  Tell me about some of your favorite Pinterest projects below.