Monday, November 18, 2013

For the love of milk..

   Collections can be big or small

      Oh how I love milk glass, really I love anything that is cherished and collected over time.  Other than having a small collection of milk glass, ironstone and a few pressboard paintings, I can't say that I really "collect".  I try and be mindful of the space that I have, which in this old house is limited.  Now if I should ever win the lottery and have a huge house, well look out, here I come!  I would most likely be featured on hoarders, but I'd like to think tastefully decorated.  In the meantime, I will just live vicariously through these beautifully arranged collections.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you would collect, if you won the lottery?

I am completely smitten with this DIY project and now I am justified in buying more of these, just for this same project.  You can find more here:

I'm jealous of this plate collection.  I often look in the thrift store for plates just like these but sadly I've only managed to come across 1.  It is the star of my dining room.  You can find more here:

I love the different shapes and sizes of this small collection.  Milk glass really lends itself in so many ways, from vintage looks to contemporary.  It's all in how you display them.  You can find more here:

     These are a few of my press board oil paintings that I have collected.  They are reasonably inexpensive (goes along with my cheap tendencies), but what I really love about them is that someone, somewhere was inspired to paint these.  I love to make up my own stories about each of them.  

You can find them on etsy, for less than $20, which I believe all of mine were.  They really give a home a unique and handcrafted look.  You won't walk into another person's house with the same artwork hanging up or in my case leaning on my bookshelves.  

This one by far is my favorite.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  I bought it when I decorated my middle daughter's bedroom in a shabby chic style.  My little girls are brunettes, but there is something that just reminds me of when my girls were this little.  She was so excited to become a big sister, but more so because she was getting a little sister of her own.  My son on the other hand really wanted, and still wants a brother.  He hasn't accepted the fact that this "Mama" is done.  

Creating a home takes time.  Sometimes you will love the results and other times your vision will be hard to re-create.  Don't give up.  Make it an extension of you and your family, and you will always love it.  The one thing I both love and hate is that I will never really be "done".  The needs of my family changes as well as falling in and out of love with furniture and home decor.  Don't take any of it to seriously and just have fun, live comfortably is what I always say.  Nothing in my home is too precious, trust me. I once took several pictures of furniture and walls in my home that were "crayon and in one case sharpie enhanced" by my creative 2 year old.  But it's our home to be creative, make mistakes in, and just enjoy being together as a family.