Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where inspiration to design a room begins.

     Are you spending the day running around for all those last minute items? Or have you crossed everything off your list?  This is certainly the busiest time of the year, but make sure to carve out just a few minutes each day to take a deep breath.  Look around and notice what you have accomplished and not what still needs to be done.  You will get there!  Thanksgiving isn't about the meal, (although I do love me some stuffing), it's about the people that we surround ourselves with.

     This long weekend, I will be avoiding the crowds at the mall and working on getting closer to getting my girl's room put together.  I've come a long way from where it was.  I wish I had a before shot, but sadly I don't.  The majority of the painting is finished.  I've painted the walls a turquoise like blue.  (Exact name of color will be on another post).  The ceiling  is in a flat white, and the trim is the same throughout my entire house which is a semi gloss white.  I still have the doors and the interior of the closet to do.  Hopefully this weekend I can get those done.

     Here are my inspiration pictures via Pinterest.

I love how sweet and sophisticated this room is. I've had to modify things to fit the space and shape of the room.  As much as I love the bookcases flanking each side of the bed, there just isn't enough room along the wall I will be placing 2 twin size beds against.  I'm still purchasing fabric for pillows and the headboard, but I've already bought the duvet cover for both beds. 

Pottery barn kids has this set on sale.  I purchased just the duvet cover and I'm leaning towards white for pillowcases and sheets.  I'll have plenty of pillows and an upholstered head board to bring in additional colors and pattern. One of the reasons why I chose the striped duvet, is because the plan was to paint stripes on their ceiling like the picture below.  Unfortunately, it's just not possible.  The room is an awkward L-shape, and the ceilings and walls are less than flat and straight.  It was just impossible to use the laser beam level in order to tape the stripes.  I'm still looking for more inspiration for their ceiling.  It's the fifth wall that is often neglected.
Oh well, back to the drawing board with this one.

 Click here for more information.

Both the door to their room as well as the closet door will be painted pink.  In a later post I will have all the names of the colors, I am using.  I am not using a chalk board paint as we have enough chalk boards around the house.  

I'm thinking I might make the closet kind of fun and paint stripes in there.  At the moment they have a bi-fold door, which rarely closes right, so I found a great tutorial on how to make your bi-fold door into a french door.  More to come on that if I'm successful.

Here's my moment to take a deep breath and think about all the things I have already crossed off my list, and NOT reflect on what still needs to be done.

Besides eating leftovers this weekend, what are you up to?