Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

     My belly is beginning to rumble with all the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen that my wonderful husband is preparing.  All on his own, I might add.  Yep, that's right, he cooks!  I think he might expect me to clean the kitchen after he's done.  He can expect all he wants...but as my son keeps saying "he's wrong".  My family knows me all too well.  After a large Thanksgiving meal like that,  my only plans will be to undo the top button of my pants and waddle my way over  to the couch for a little afternoon snooze.  Well, that's my plan but highly unlikely with 3 kids.  A girl can dream about how she wants to spend her food coma.  

     I hope you all are having a very wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends, and may we all be as blessed as we are right now in this moment.  I'm enjoying the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, and watching my children, down on the floor setting up train tracks. I love just listening to them both argue and giggle.  I wouldn't trade this for anything, not even a food induced coma.   

     Here are a few funny youtube videos I found earlier.  I hope you get a little enjoyment from them.  

Happy Thanksgiving!