Sunday, November 10, 2013

The thrill of the hunt...

Welcome Everyone!! This is my very first blog and post.  I've been an avid blog reader for years, sometimes staying up until the wee hours of the night. I am constantly in awe of all the bloggers out there, bringing us readers some creative and inspiring ideas to do in our homes and lives.  I have a wide range of interests and I love meeting people, just like YOU.  So sit back and enjoy,  while I begin this journey to document my style, finds, and every day musings.  I hope that I will be able to inspire some of you, like I have been inspired by many creative and successful women.

Here are some of the incredible things, I managed to find at my local Goodwill today.  
I love ironstone, milk glass, hobnail, and trays!! I do a lot of decorating with plates.  See the pictures below for the break down of what I paid and keep coming back to see how I use each of these items in future posts.
My heart began to thump as I neared this painting.  It still had the original price tag of $95 on it.  I of course got it for $15.  The gold frame is a little too gold for my taste, so I'm thinking I need to tone it down some.  I also have another idea which involves spray paint and deer wrapping paper.  I would take this painting out and have it re-framed in maybe a walnut or chestnut colored frame.  Every time I look at this painting it makes me want to climb into a comfy chair, drink some coffee and of course read blogs.
Have I mentioned my love of plates, trays and ironstone?  The plates originally came from Horchow, a very upscale catalog.  I can only imagine what they originally retailed for.  There were 8 of these on the shelf, and I'm wishing  now, I had grabbed them all but I went with just 2 at the price of $1.50 each.  The tray is a cute little wooden tray, which at the moment I haven't decided if I'm going to paint it or just leave it as is.  I'm sure I will find many uses for this cute little tray.  The lidded ironstone compote was a real steal at $5 but contained remnants of it's last held dish.  YUCK!! Nothing that a little dish soap and sponge couldn't clean right up.

Last but not least are these 2 sweet little compotes and small vase?  I have a few of these compotes already, which I use to sort my jewelry.  I see a lot of sellers on Etsy, with milk glass in their shops.  I spend a lot of time there as well into the wee hours of the night ;-) Each compote was $2 and the vase was $3. I think I did pretty well for a Sunday afternoon.  

I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog post and come back to join me again....happy hunting!