Thursday, January 2, 2014

Indoor herb garden

     I've wanted an indoor herb garden for sometime now, but I am not the best at remembering to water my indoor plants or my out ones for that matter. I do enjoy cooking and I do enjoy using the freshest of ingredients. Kind of seems like a no brainer for me to start with indoor herbs before raising chickens. 

     Turning to Pinterest, I've found many pictures that have motivated me to not give up on my not very green thumb and incorporate my love for milk glass. It mostly gives me a good excuse to hit the thrift more often to add to my collection. 

     Here are pictures that I found via Pinterest that I fell for. 

How great does this all look? I especially love the topiary in the middle. I think this is a great place to tuck in a table. 

I love the use of ironstone here and especially placed on a mantle. It's done so elegantly. I'm filing this idea away for when I re-do my dining room. 

Milk glass and transfer ware, just doesn't get any better than this. At least for me ;-) Once I saw this picture, I just knew I was going to attempt this in my kitchen. 

     I grabbed 2 of my milk glass vases from my last thrift store visit. I picked up 2 herb plants from the grocery store, mint for its amazing scent and cilantro because most of my recipes require it. You can probably find them in your local grocery store, in the produce section.  I placed a few small stones at the bottom, removed the plastic bottom and placed them in. Easy right? 

     At first I placed them by the window and I still might but I kept thinking about that one picture of the indoor garden on the table. I have an antique east lake table I bought years ago at Brimfield. It needs some mending and a new paint job but I'm going to live with it for a little while until inspiration strikes me. 

Here's a close up of the legs on this table.