Thursday, January 16, 2014

Growing to-do list

     I gave myself a nice day off yesterday.  It was well deserved after the busy DIY-ing weekend.  Now it's back to work, crossing off little projects as well as large ones along the way.  I made what I thought would be a quick to-do list of what was still left to accomplish in the girl's shared bedroom, which easily turned into a much longer just off the top of my head list.  Try 40 things listed in just under a minute.  I'm sure I will find more, given some time.  I'm not going to panic though.  My goal is to create a room the girl's will not only love but will be able to grow with, not quickly race to the finish line, and possibly not love.  But I'm still itching to get it completed in about 6 weeks.  Remember, I have a whole house still to tackle. 

     My plan is to break down what's on my list and prioritize in terms of cost, time and overall design impact.  I recently added an idea after seeing it on pinterest.  I'm not sure if I'm going to tackle this project myself.  I spoke to a local artist and showed her my plans, she gave me some really great tips but I accept what my skill set is.  (I'm not convinced this is meant for me to do).

                                                                      via Pinterest

Now imagine this above image, sans decorative molding, as well as not going to be located around a doorway.  I have to deal with this odd wall and it's just begging for something.  This just might be that something.  I have to tell myself, it's just paint.  If it doesn't look right, then I can paint right over it.  This will tie in nicely with some DIY artwork I will be creating.

My plan is to take a couple of these pagodas and place them on painted canvases.  These will go on an eclectic art gallery wall I am trying to make for the girls.  I want to have a mixture of inspirational words, abstract paintings, photographs as well as some of their own creations.

This is the exact giclee I recently purchased.  Now just to frame it.  I keep going back and forth over whether to use gold frames, white frames or a combination of both?  Which would you choose?

I love how you can customize the size on this painting.  This one is on my list, I just need to see how much wall space I will have.

I just got these in this week and I placed an order for pink and white baker's twine to hang them up.  I bought 2 equal sets to go above each girl's bed.  I chose the colors pink and turquoise.

Just to add a little bit of fun and whimsy, I just purchased this.  It came in this week and I can't wait to get it up on the galley wall.  This Etsy shop has a wide variety of faux deer heads to choose from.
I think in between each of my older kids having sleep over parties, I will try and cross off some of the smaller, less time consuming projects.  The next thing on my list to purchase is a second bed to match my older daughter's bed. 

I love this bed for the sleek design,  and deep drawers.  I think once I formulate a course of action, I should be good to go.