Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's day craft, and more updates on the girlie girl's bedroom.

     A whole lotta stuff got done this weekend, so much so I'm not even sure I can fit it all in one blog.  I just might need to tease you all a bit. But seriously, a lot did get done, and I for one, took full advantage of the Spring-like weather here in Maryland over the weekend.
     I'm not a big Holiday decorator, but my kids love to see all the little festive touches around the house, so I figured why not?  This Valentine craft project took me less than a half an hour and cost me roughly $15 in materials.  I'm including the shipping in my estimate, but I'm sure you can find all the materials I used at either a craft store or party store.  I just happened to be on Etsy, when these particular materials caught my eye.  As if, I needed an excuse!

I purchased 14 small bags to turn into a Valentine's Day countdown, and filled each bag with 3 Hershey kisses (one for each child).  I used my gold sharpie to number each bag.  I then folded over the top and used my butterfly hole puncher (my regular round one wasn't able to punch holes), and made 2 holes at the top.  This is where your string is going to go through.  In the end it will look just like a garland.

                          Each night after dinner, we take one off.
     The next project was the easiest of them all.  I just purchased a package of pink and white heart shaped doilies and used the same string I already had.  The hearts already had holes in them, so it was just a matter of stringing them through. 

(Psst, here's a little secret, my mantel isn't one white box any longer) It's also going to become a little more en-deer-ing ;-)

The heart was an Ikea find during Christmas, and the little Love you art is just vinyl cut outs.  That actually will be heading upstairs as wall art for my girlies.



Love Target's dollar section.  I love how cute these straws are.  I haven't found a purpose yet for the silver letters but I know I will, and the chevron boxes are being used to corral stray whatchamacallits that I find around the house.
And here's another little sneak peek...this box is actually a lamp now, well about 90% of the way.  More to come on that this week.

     More than anything, I wanted big bold hot pink stripes on the ceiling, but it wasn't meant to be.  The ceiling is just a normal white ceiling color, but to give it a little pop, I hung these paper poufs above each bed.

This little bird cage I found a while back at the thrift.  It was a really dark green and meant to hold a candle.  Just a little spray paint and 2 little white birds found at the dollar store and voila....
Here is a look at the original pictures that inspired me.


Since I can't have stripes on the ceiling, I found a way to have them on the floor.

I hinted a while back about switching out the hardware on the dresser.  The box came in weeks ago, but with the wrong size screws.  I kept forgetting to pick up a package of screws but I was determined to get that little detail taken cared of.
My inspiration piece.

And for 99 cents each, here are my look alikes.

                     Love, love, love these!!!

     Here's my last teaser......the closet doors went from bi-fold to french, got a bright new color, and some really pretty, funky door knobs, not to mention a little more space and organization inside.