Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Various projects in the works....

     I started on a lot of various projects, as well as thinking about some new ones.  I made a decision to go in a different direction with the rug pattern in B and C's new room.  I really wanted stripes on their ceiling but realized it wasn't going to work out, so I thought the next best thing would be to purchase Dash and Albert pink stripe rug.  The problem is I purchased the Pottery Barn Kids Rugby pink striped duvet for both beds, and with the chevron wall pattern it would just be to much.  I found that Ikea and Target both carried a similar pink shag rug.  This is just a glimpse of it under a pile of 4 white curtain panels, clips, a huge bag of quilt batting, and the pink and white striped fabric I will be using to make 2 window pelmuts.

                                          A close up of the striped fabric.

The plywood is sitting in my dining room and has managed to make my whole downstairs smell like a lumber yard.
I fell in love with this Greek Key trim.  I purchased just a yard to test it out.
I fell in love with this HGTV fabric I found at Joann's.  I purchased a yard to test it out but it's looking like I'm going to make these into curtain panels for my dining room and living room.
I played around with some fabric remnants from my Ikea footstool.
In the end though, I think I might stick with my white bed skirt.
I created some new and simple art for the gallery wall.
My materials included a white frame, a white piece of paper, a pink Agate (found on Etsy), a hot glue gun, and my gold Krylon marker.
I used the marker to color around the border of the Agate.

I placed the white sheet of paper inside, but in the future I am going to swap it for a turquoise piece of scrapbook paper.  I hot glued the Agate to the plexiglass on the frame (no fancy glass on this frame).


Yup, I changed my bedroom art once again.  I found a use for the chipboard letters from Target.  I used my gold Krylon marker and just colored them in.  This one says "Love", the final reveal will come soon and you can see it finished there.

For my husband's side of the bed.