Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jumping on the faux fun bandwagon

     Last Friday night, no not the "Katy Perry song", but the actual night I decided on a whim to paint some bright and funky stripes above my fireplace mantel.  I made my poor husband go get the laser level out, while I went and looked for some paint brushes and painters tape.  I already had the paint, since I was using the white (I use every where), the original color on the wall, (which is a custom color), and the bright pink from the girls' room.  Let's just say, for 2 hours I went to town.....and my thoughts on it?  Well, um I don't like it.  I thought once I put everything back on and added my faux little deer head I would fall in love with it.  I didn't.  I still don't.  But, I'm not pulling on my hair and running from the room. I knew that even if I did like it, it was always going to be temporary.  No harm done, and if I hadn't painted it, then it would have just nagged at me.  It's just paint and yes, it does take a little bit of time and effort to put it up on the wall, but if it turns out not to be the look you were after THEN PAINT OVER IT.  The color of your dreams just might be a few paint chips over.  I was recently telling a friend that is a little afraid to take the plunge on color, that I've painted my hallway 5 TIMES.  I've gone dark, light, and in the middle.  It's been lots of different colors and sometime this year it will get a complete makeover, which means....yep a new color and maybe even a bit of wall paper.

                                      Here's where I started.

My big white square over the fireplace.
Decked out for Valentine's Day.
This part always makes me nervous.

                                       I think the pink might just be to bright.

I'm loving my little faux deer.  I have one with pink antlers in the girls' bedroom.

The final goal is to create this above my fireplace.  It's on my 2014 list, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy having some fun with it.  This weekend however, I'm painting it a solid color. :-)