Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow days make for interesting puttering days...

     The kids have a 5 day weekend, 2 of those days thanks to a whole lot of this.

I've heard we got 14 inches of snow.  I don't know if that's true or not.  My yard stick and I are happily staying indoors.
Despite my best efforts at keeping some semblance of order (note the cute basket, a Home Goods buy) near the front door for all wet stuff or items typically left on the floor, I have to accept the excitement of snow far outweighs any projects really getting done.

So, I spent time thinking about this wallpaper as a possibility for my hallway.  It's navy and white even though it looks a little black and white in the picture.
I added fabric scraps to my Ikea magazine holders.  You might recognize the fabric from this project.

Hmm, I'm just slightly hooked on this game.
But while I wait for my "lives" to add up, I do a little of this.
Left over fabric turned into hot glued pillows.
I need a lot of this to make it through the day.
I organized my coffee shelf (on the bottom), household medicine is kept up high and in child proof containers, also labeled as "Adult", "First Aid", "Bigger kids", and "For the little".  The top shelf has recipe cards/cookbooks, molds, and wine glasses.
Every time one of my kid's has a Doctor's appointment, I cut out the information with their weight and high light what dosage they can receive, I also put their name on it. I used some laminating paper and stuck it to the inside of the cabinet. The pocket contains several dosing sheets to keep track of which medicine, how much, and when, as well as whomever is in need of medicine.
While I bundled them up as well as a few extra kids and sent them  to conquer the landscape, I cleaned out and organized the cabinet that has my Husband's Grandmother's china.
Oh, and I um changed up my poor mantel, yet again.  This time with a roll of wall paper. 
He had to turn the power off first, and then take the sconce down.
I have no tips for hanging wall paper as we had to do this a couple of times.  I need to take a pin and "pop" some of the bubbles.  I'll paint it white (paintable wall paper), and then we are going to frame it.  I'd like to this year work on my fireplace.  We don't use it as my allergies are horrendous.  My thoughts are to create a decorative wood molding surround, maybe some tiling, and perhaps an electric insert.
 I love my faux deer head.
Now, I'm going to sit (children willing)  and drool over some of my favorite blogs.