Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bi-fold closet door become french doors

     In Bliss and Copely's (I usually just say the girls or B and C's) room, their closet door was an off the shelf, bi-fold.  It came off the track constantly and so it was on the list of get rid of, until I ran across, this tutorial on Pinterest by 2 Little Superheroes.  She managed to make me look at the closet door situation a little differently and give this idea a go.  After all, I had nothing to lose and my alternative was going to be using a fabric curtain to hide their clothes.

     I took lots of pictures of this process but unfortunately they were all uploaded a while ago to my now non resuscitate computer.  Oh well, I can still show you the after and on 2 Little Superheroes you can see the process on how she accomplished it.  This was the same guideline I followed.

     This project took her only 2.5 hours including painting time.  That was not my experience in doing this.  I think this can be done in the course of a weekend, but it took me much longer as I did other things while working on this project.  I still have to patch and paint the inside of the door.

     Taking off all the tracks on both the top where the door opens and the pieces attached on the floor were fairly straightforward and easy.  Once I removed them I patched the walls, let dry, sanded, and painted.

     Now, my bi-fold door is the same as the bloggers, so I used exactly the same hinges, magnetic strips etc. as she did.  I'm thankful she took photos as it was a huge help in matching them up.  I did have to sand and I still have a little fine tuning to do if I want to be a perfectionist.  In that I mean the molding that was already there on the bottom of the wall juts out a bit so I can either sand it to make the door open really wide or just leave it be.  It opens plenty wide to put clothes away and take out. 

     I initially just re-painted it white but seeing the interior of the other door that vibrant pink, I knew it too, needed to be the same color.  It took 2 coats of the hot pink and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  The interior will most likely just be white.  The knobs I purchased from Anthropologie a long time ago, and were a pretty shade of yellow but the color of them needed to change in order to work with the overall color scheme.  This took about 4 thin coats of spray paint.  Now, I've heard many bloggers voice concerns about spraying door knobs and how long they will last.  I decided to seal them with poly to preserve them.  I will let you know if they seem to chip or the color wears. 

Here is one door in the white and the other in pink.

I love these doors now, I also spray painted all the light switches in the same pink. 

The doors open wide, this was just my shot of the interior.
All things considered, I would do this project again, but don't expect to have it done in 2.5 hours... :-)