Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 5 of the ORC Challenge...looking good.

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge. It is a true race to the finish line at this point for all of us. If you are new to my blog, welcome, you can see what I started with here. I chose the playroom because it hadn't been touched since we moved into our house 10 years earlier. The walls were a pale looking green, window treatments didn't exist, no soft flooring or anywhere for the kids to sit and play, and not to mention the poor lighting.  Some organization existed but I knew I could do so much better (you should see my pantry). So, I decided this was the perfect or insane way to make this room over in just 6 weeks.

I have made tremendous progress this past week and I am feeling very confident in the choices I've made. But then I look at my to do list and I get overwhelmed again.

The stripes are up! The painting process I don't mind so much, it's the taping off that is time consuming. Very time consuming, and if you aren't meticulous about taping, then you will have areas that need to be fixed.

I painted one side of the door, but I am still committed to doing the interior side of the door a bright pop of orange.

I gave the walls a couple of days to dry and hung some artwork. I had my girls photographed a little more than a year ago (Thank you Rachel), I've had a majority of those pictures framed, and hung in the upstairs hallway. I chose one to have enlarged (online at Ritz Camera) and sent to Framebridge to have custom framed. They always include a personalized note which I think is such a nice touch.

I made a trip to Ikea to get more frames for some personalized art, grabbed a couple of bins for the toy closet and a couple of the small faux sheepskin rugs.

The faux roman shades are in (here's a sneak peek) and everything is ironed. I already had the tension rods. It's nice to have them up and some added privacy. This room is typically a mess, and I don't want to see it, let alone any one else.

Another fun package arrived, my  handwoven Serena and Lilly basket. I purchased the size small for their doll clothes, but in hindsight wish I had bought the medium. Of course, I always could purge a few outfits to make enough space.

Even the interior has a beautiful design.

I bought this from Ikea from the Trofast series. Perfect for little toys as well as, their breakable pottery items fit perfectly in a couple of the baskets.

The rest of the hardware came in. These are the same knobs and drawer pulls I used in my kitchen. 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased this from a yard sale for $10. It's from Pottery Barn teens.

I used some of the wallpaper that will go on the feature wall to hide the contents of books on CDs and music. I can't wait to see it hanging up.

I know the closet is kind of boring just being white. Maybe I can come up with something to make the baskets stand out?

Even though I have on my to do list painting the interior closet with a pop of color (orange), I'm slowly being swayed to leaving it white. I want to be DONE painting, I mean really, really want to be done. Also, not impossible to remove the wire racks and leave the anchors in place, but extremely difficult. The paint is still a nice bright white and I received the custom drapery panels today, so that will in fact hide a great deal of the interior closet which wouldn't show much of the orange to begin with. Did I mention I want to be DONE WITH PAINTING? 

I've started scrubbing the floor and some of their toys, finalizing placement of things. Here's what I have left to do..
  1.  Sand the door, paint the door, 1 side of the door is finished.
  2. touch up a few paint spots
  3. paint the interior closet   most likely off my list of to do.
  4. reorganize the toy closet.
  5. also, I am having custom made drapery panels to hang on the inside of the closet. I need to purchase the hardware.  *the panels are in, and I'm hoping to have them up before the day is over. *update, I put the hardware up and installed the drapery panels! Can I get a boo-yah?
  6. frame (ikea frames) personalized art and hang up.
  7. hang up their pottery display shelf.
  8. install new hardware. 
  9. wallpaper and add decorative molding. *update* wallpaper has been cut, not hung yet, and the molding will arrive on Friday.
  10. replace the old ugly registers and replace with pretty ones.
  11. paint and hang custom monograms (recently added to my must have for styling)
  12. add a little wallpaper to the pottery barn teen magazine wall holder that will now house their books on CD and music, as well as hang it up *update, begging the Husband to put it up tonight.
  13. deep clean room
  14. style it
  15. have it photographed
  16. drink some Sangria
Ha! I was feeling really good about where I was at this point but not any longer.  This might become another sleepless night for me.

Please stop by and check out all the wonderful participants here.

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