Thursday, April 7, 2016

My participation in the One Room Challenge

One of my favorite blogs has always been Calling it Home.  Linda, twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall, hosts a one room challenge. Every Wednesday, a very select and talented group of Bloggers, share what they've accomplished on 1 space over a 6 week period of time. It's pretty inspiring to watch the entire process go from concept to reality. Also, throw in some incredible sponsors and you know these rooms will turn out amazing.

For the first time I've decided to join in. You won't find me as part as the invited, sponsored group on Wednesdays, but you can find me as well as lots of others like me, linking up every Thursday. I'm pretty excited and nervous, but this is the perfect kick in the pants to get me going.

The room I've chosen is the playroom. In 6 weeks time, I'm hoping to completely transform the playroom from green and tired looking, to pink and chic.  My son is 12 now and barely enters the playroom, but my girls, 9 and 4, dominate it with all their toys.  Too many toys, if you ask me, not enough if you ask them. The picture below is around 6 years old.

It is bittersweet to see all these toys my son once enjoyed so much. My girls have taken over this room, and most of whats in there today are various shades of pink.

This is what the room looks like most days, as well as many of the toys being dragged out into the living room.

This is what its current state is.  I started a while ago using Annie Sloan's chalk paint and then stopped. This is exactly why I need this challenge.

The very blah closet where I shove toys into.

Here's my list of what I would like to accomplish in the next 6 weeks.

  1. Paint the ceiling. Currently we have very ugly ceiling tiles.
  2. Replace the outdated lighting fixture.
  3. Patch and paint the walls in a pink ombre. Via
  4. Paint window casings, baseboards, and door.
  5. Paint the interior of the closet a bright bold color.
  6. Finish painting the shelving and seal with wax.
  7. Thin out some more toys.
  8. Window treatments and hardware.
  9. Clean windows. Yikes!!!
  10. Purchase a rug and get new floor registers.
  11. Some kind of seating, maybe floor cushions?
  12. Artwork for the room.
  13. Small shelving for their pottery creations.
  14.                           Organize and label everything.
Here are a few things I have in mind and have already purchased.
I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that this comes in on time.

I need something for privacy, so when I'm on the porch I don't have to look inside and see the mess. I think these linen cafe curtains will be the perfect solution.

Love, love, love the brightness of this rug.

I hope you follow along with me, and make sure you check out all the other participants.  You can head over here.


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