Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge

If shopping were an Olypmic sport, I'd win gold, hands down.  I managed to get a lot of things ordered. I still have lots of painting to do and I've yet to pick out wall colors. Last week, I painted 1 unit of the 3 piece Pottery Barn unit, and got the second one started on. Once I get them all painted, I have to wax them to seal the paint. Here's my list below of what's done and what I still have to do.
  1. Paint the ceiling. Currently we have very ugly ceiling tiles.
  2. Replace the outdated ceiling fixture. It's been ordered!
  3. Patch and paint the walls in a pink ombre.
  4. Paint window casings, baseboards, and door.
  5. Paint the interior of the closet a bright bold color. I'm going with Orange.
  6. Finish painting the shelving and seal with wax.
  7. Thin out some more toys. (I'm consigning a ton this week).
  8. Window treatments and hardware.
  9. Cleaned windows
  10. Purchase a rug and get new floor registers.
  11. Floor cushions
  12. Artwork for the room.  I'm really excited to reveal these at a later date of course. 
  13. Small shelving for their pottery creations
  14. I've begun to label some of their toys.
I forgot to add last week new hardware for the Pottery barn toy shelves. I haven't ordered knobs yet, but my pulls will ship soon. I also ordered this amazing wallpaper to go on just one wall.

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