Friday, March 6, 2015

Displaying Disney pins

Last November, we took a family trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida.  One of the highlights of the trip were collecting and trading the Disney pins.  When we got back from the trip, the pins along with the lanyard just sat in a bowl, with no further thought. Until of course, I was on Pinterest one evening and discovered a few fabulous ways of displaying them.  I created a small board here.

I decided to do this one on a much smaller scale to see how I liked it,  plus I will have make a second one for my other Daughter's pins.

I found a similar one on Etsy, but smaller is scale.  It's pretty ugly and thankfully cheap, it is only plastic after all.  The seller shipped it out in record time, and so the transformation began.

Here's what I used.  White fabric I had on hand, a pair of scissors, I kept the insert of the picture to use both to trace my outline and use it again in the frame, cork I had on hand from another project, and tacky glue.

This frame required 3 coats of paint with primer, which I let try for 24 hours after each coat.

When I traced the white fabric I gave a half an inch extra all around, in order to be able to fold it over.  The cork was cut to the exact size of the existing picture, and everything was glued down with tacky glue.

Don't worry the glue will dry clear.  You probably want to wait until the glue is fully dry before sticking your pins in, otherwise they will be there for a long time to come.

The final step is just putting it back into the frame and sticking the pins in.  I saved the original backings to the pins as the pins do not stick out enough in the back to use them.

It's a nice way to see and remember our family trip.