Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Cow has joined the Herd

 This post is dedicated to my Husband for letting me get away with not just 1 Cow painting he dislikes, but now 2.  Remember when I told you another one was going to be joining the herd, so to speak, here? Well, it has been framed, and placed on the other side of my sliding doors.  

You can find the painting here.  The framing was done at Michael's.

It's a strange thing to be excited over, but I am truly over the moon happy.   I feel like the whole wall is now completed (other than the obvious patches needed, hint, hint).  

You can find my post here, about the bookcase shown.  I like the way it looks under the painting, and my favorite part is always styling things.  The light in here can get pretty tricky throughout the day.  We have 2 skylights, 2 large windows on each side, and the sliding doors to the outside.

All items here were purchased a long time ago.  I bought the faux orchid at Ikea, milk glass was thrifted, and of course what photo would be complete without the San Pellegrino water bottles?

The Tiffany crystal bowl was a wedding present, organizer purchased from Pottery Barn, ironstone came from an estate sale, and picture frame recently purchased from TJ Maxx. 

The magazine holders purchased from Ikea, perfect for plain paper, coloring books, extra notebooks and menus.  Gold frame from TJ Maxx.

I love this retro looking phone purchased from Pottery Barn years ago, and yes, it is a working phone.

And I think this concludes the Old Mc'Terceira's farm.