Monday, January 19, 2015

10 minutes turned into an hour and a half

     Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture that requires (in theory) so little time to put together, but in reality takes a lot longer?  I'm not even talking about furniture from Ikea.  I signed up to join in on the abowlfulloflemons 14 week organization challenge. It's a great way to get organized on one specific room at a time, not to mention if you join the facebook group, you will find many others in the same situation offering advice and cheering everyone on.  I really enjoy the before and after pictures, it makes me feel better that we all live in our homes, and not in magazine worthy spaces.
     Toni Hammersley is the creator of this popular blog, and you can view a tour of her home by clicking the highlighted link.  No surprise that Joss and Main asked her to curate a collection based on her furniture and style.  

See this bookcase up above?  Yep, Joss and Main offered a similar look for a bargain of a price of $150.  I purchased this one below in black.

I received my bookcase in less than a week, which surprised me as I was told it would be about 2 weeks.  

I have a deep hatred for packing peanuts and Styrofoam.  Small price to pay, I suppose.

I got so excited it arrived, I began to put it together in my entry way.  I left out pictures of my 3 assistants, which included a 3 year old, a cat and a dog.

Have to love a company that supplies the right tools to put everything together. Although, I do disagree with the directions saying it will only take 10 minutes to put together.  I had a difficult time lining up the pre-drilled holes.  I definitely think this is a quality made product, so overall I would give this a high rating.

I will be styling and re-styling this bookcase over the next few weeks but I like the idea of keeping all our "office" items here. I also keep thinking  I might want to display all my ironstone pieces.  

Big changes will be occurring in my kitchen in a couple of months. I can't wait and it's long overdue.  

Has anyone found some great bargains on Joss and Main?  Let me know in the comments below.