Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playing Dress Up

     My girls have an awkward shape room which they have to share.  It's an L-shape which would be fine but there is this little section of their room, I can't change.  The stairs are right below it, which is why it's built kind of funny.  I originally had plans to turn it into a reading nook but then got inspired to create a dress-up corner.  

Here are a few I found on Pinterest.  I love the re-purposing of furniture no longer needed for its intended use.  Unfortunately, I do not have either of these pieces nor the space for them.

This picture was exactly what I was thinking.

I love to use vinyl letters and shapes when decorating.  Its cheap and a very easy DIY.  I use a company called Craft Cuts.  They have more than just vinyl letters and no, I'm not sponsored by them.

Every girl needs jewels.

Cheap basket for shoes and purses.  Also for the carpeting I purchased a Dash and Albert rug in size 2x3 to cover the small existing carpeting there.  Weird right?  Now, this spot has been put to good use.

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