Monday, November 3, 2014

Estate Sale finds

     I love yard sales, flea markets, and now estate sales.  I've been to a total of two, and I must admit I do feel a little weird digging through someones home.  After all, this was someones things that they collected throughout their lives.  With that said though, I did wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, instead of sleeping in, to check out an estate sale that was 20 minutes away.  The really good companies that run estate sales will post pictures of the contents beforehand, so it makes it easier to decide if it's worth the travel time. This one was worth the early rising.  

     I am slowly beginning to collect, blue willoware as well as chinoiserie, on top of the fact that I already collect ironstone and milk glass. I'm going to need a bigger house (hint, hint to the hubs).  I could tell from the pictures posted from this particular estate sale, that the former owner loved ironstone, milk glass, and chinoiserie.  No way, I could pass up this sale.  I even used the pictures posted to map out where I should go first.  The basement having the majority of the haul I was searching for.  Believe it or not, but basements and attics can yield the best treasures.  You need to be willing to dig  through what can be endless boxes of stuff, but it can be worth it.  

     Estate sale prices are generally pretty good, and I have witnessed people negotiate for a lower price or a percentage off.  What's not usually advertised by the company running it is, that the next day items tend to drop to half off.  You risk losing the item you have your eye on if you wait until the next day, but for furniture pieces that seem priced a little out of budget, it's worth going back the next day.  I scored an incredible antique bookcase/desk by going back the next day, to my very first estate sale.  

Love this serving bowl, down below.

My Lucky furniture score from my first estate sale.