Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Homemade Bread EVER

     Okay, maybe not ever, but this bread recipe I found certainly was delicious.  I am by no means a baker or a food blogger, but I do enjoy from time to time making things from scratch.  Here's the original recipe site for the bread I made.  I've since pinned it to my bread board on Pinterest, if you'd like to check out more recipes.

     The only thing I changed is, I use unbleached flour, just a personal preference on my part.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I make a mess when I bake or cook.  I once heard the sign of a good chef is one that cleans up afterwards.

I had to let my bread rise in the living room because my kitchen is a very cold space.  This is a problem we will be remedying soon.

The smell was amazing and the taste even better.  This is a time consuming process as bread takes a long time to rise.  It was a perfect day for me to make this because the weather was awful, so since I was going to be staying home for the day this was the perfect distraction from an otherwise gloomy day.

Hope you enjoyed :-)