Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I'm loving on Etsy

When something catches my eye on someone else's blog, or even a magazine photo, my go to place to look for it, is Etsy.  I love ebay as well, but sometimes I just don't feel like bidding and waiting.  Etsy fills my need for instant gratification and usually at a lesser price.  Today I'm going to share with all of  you what I'm currently loving.  

At $3 dollars a lid you really can't go wrong with a wonderful wall display.  I also LOVE ironstone.

I don't know if it's the colors that I really like or the bamboo frames, but something about it just sticks.  It's also only $20 for the 2.  

I love this little glass cloche.

I love pastoral and cow paintings, and this also features a New England scene.

If I had a spare $4500 lying around, then I would jump on this one.

I need a new window treatment for my downstairs bathroom.  It's a toss up between this one and,

this one but maybe with a valance on top as well.  I love this bathroom.

Any one of these.

Any print from The Pink Pagoda.  I recommend checking out her blog, it's one my personal favorites.

I love pillows and grain sack is so durable.

Come back later on in the week to see which one of these items I purchased for my home.  Don't worry (Husband) not the $4500 painting.