Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My new Ballard Designs Davenport Armless Chair

Yay! It's finally here.  A couple of months back, I placed an order for Ballard Designs Davenport armless chair.I needed to replace this one that I reupholstered myself.  It was my first attempt, and all in all it didn't come out that shabby.  Over time though, my very adorable cat (its the only thing that saved her), decided this chair was the perfect scratching post.  I decided to see what it would cost to have it professionally done. I hadn't counted on other things that needed to be done to the chair, like more padding, and securing the structure of it (which I thought was just fine). I was shocked, putting mildly when I received an estimate for close to a $1000.  Now, also keep in mind I have 2 of these chairs, and that's even before picking out the fabric.  I ended up giving one away to a friend and the other I listed on Craig's List.

So then, I was left with a blank space, and no where to read my magazines in peace.  Who am I kidding?  I have 3 kids and 5 pets, I don't know peace. I wanted an armless chair, because I like the look of them, and it had to be slip covered.  Me plus coffee, you get the picture? I searched on google first through images, and then onto web options.  I kept going back to the Davenport.

It was exactly what I was looking for.  Here's my honest experience with Ballard Designs, which I have been a customer for well over 12 years.  The chair itself, with shipping, plus white glove service adds up to be a lot. Less than upholstering the other chair, so that was a plus. Ignore the sale price stated, because there are NO slipcovers for that price, in fact the slipcover I chose is the cheapest and most basic, because I need to be able to toss it in the wash.  The slipcover arrived in a week but the chair took much longer.  I was told it would arrive February 13th, but it actually didn't arrive until today, February 25th.  Not a major deal, just a slight annoyance.  

The white glove service comes in handy as they will place it where you want, attach the legs, and cart away all the packing materials.  Although it was awfully tempting to keep the huge box and turn it into a fort.

Here it is, in place.  Looking a little low.

How are these slip covers going to fit the chair and the cushions?

These cushions are so soft.

I am so excited to catch up on my magazine reading tonight.  This chair has been worth the price as well as the wait.