Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ikea Rast hack

This is the final reveal of my Ikea Rast hack using O'verlays and Anthropologie knobs.  Keep reading below as to how I changed it up.

You can pretty much find these in stock at Ikea.  It's called the Rast 3 drawer chest and it comes unfinished.  Very easy to put together considering it's Ikea.

I didn't have to do any special kind of prepping, which is a plus for me.  I simply gave it 3 coats of paint that I had leftover from my bathroom project.  

In comes the jewelry or otherwise known at hardware.  I actually bought 2 of these a few months ago not knowing what I would end up using them for.  They can be found either in store at Anthropologie, or online.   I ended up purchasing the rest online and I was impressed when 2 days later they arrived.

They have these gold details.

There is a company I've used before called O'verlays to add little finishing touches to furniture as well as the outside of my windows.  I'll post more on those in the future.  What makes this company really unique, is that they specifically make o'verlays for Ikea furniture.  They are light weight strips that come already primed and can be used as is or paint them whatever your desired color is.   I simply adhered them with super glue.  It's cheaper to use them for Ikea pieces because custom prices tend to run higher, with a special order fee tacked on.  

O'verlays offers quite a few selections to choose from. 

And here it is.....When you add up the knobs and O'verlays, it does come out to be somewhat pricey, considering this is an Ikea piece.  Honestly I love it, and feel it's worth it overall.

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