Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dreaming of Spring when it's about to snow

I'm lucky in some respects that where I live in Maryland doesn't get much snow, but at the same time I love a good snow storm.  I did grow up in Massachusetts, so that should tell you I know what a good snow storm is.  However, I just spent an hour outside running and working out and the chill is in my bones.  It's suppose to snow 6-8 inches this afternoon and while excited about it, I found myself dreaming of spring while I ran.  The second I got in the door I started up my computer, went straight to Brecks and ordered 30 Giant Lily of the Valley plants.  They won't ship out until the spring of course.  (I'm not sponsored in any way).  At my last house in the City,  I had a ton of Lily of the Valley by the front entrance.  It was the best scent to be greeted by every time I arrived home. 

I just purchased this beautiful print.  It has both my favorite flower the Peony and my love of blue and white china.  She has another print very similar to this one, but really so many to choose from.

I hope wherever you are Spring is on your mind.