Monday, May 18, 2015

Estate sale of a lifetime

I am very choosy about the Estate sales I attend.  Mostly because they do require a considerable drive, and getting all the troops up early and out the door to get there for opening. I have to want at least 5 items from the pictures online. If you don't already subscribe to an email list of upcoming sales, then I suggest checking this one out. 

Really good companies will upload lots of pictures of whats to be offered. This is invaluable tool in determining which ones to attend and which ones don't feature items you are searching for. Also it helps to set up a game plan by remembering which rooms to go to first in order to get that special item.  

Make sure you read ahead about the rules of each estate sale.  Some sales do not allow small children to attend, whereas others might not care.  Also, there are usually rules about bringing in bags, which generally isn't allowed.  Yes, this makes things very difficult to shop.  What I tend to do is once I enter, I grab one of the empty available boxes inside and use that to shop with.  

Don't be afraid to open drawers, and search through those boxes in the basement or attic.  There is treasure to be found. One of my favorite Bloggers Miss MustardSeed once found an antique chandelier complete with crystals inside one of those cardboard boxes for just $4.

I have seen some people at sales haggle for better prices with mixed results.  You are better off on a Sunday snagging a big ticket item as companies generally make everything half off.  It's not always advertised that things go for 50% on the last day of a sale.  I managed to score a beautiful antique piece of furniture for half the price just by going back the next day.  It was worth the risk to save that extra money.

This particular sale I went to on Saturday was a bit of a haul.  It took close to an hour to get there, and required some serious sucking up to my loving Husband to not just get me there but get me there before it opened.  Which meant we had to get up at 5:45 to get ourselves ready and out the door by 6:15.  Let me tell you it was well worth it.

Let me show you my finds at ridiculously low prices.  I have never gotten this lucky at a sale before.

 I smile everytime I look at my growing collection.