Friday, October 24, 2014

Spotlight on Etsy

     Alright, let's give this Blogging thing another go around.  I've missed it and yet I'm worried about all the pressures that fellow Bloggers have recently been writing about.  This for me, is just for fun.  I don't want paid advertisers and I recently turned down adding a thing called 'adsense' to my blog.  Essentially ads located on my blog.  What motivated me again is when a favorite Blogger wrote about how much fun it has been to document the last 5 years of her home and more importantly her family.  That was my light bulb moment, as Oprah would say.
     Today I want to bring you some brass eye candy found for sale on Etsy.  (Not sponsored by Etsy or any sellers).  If you noticed a lot of blogs as well as magazines are featuring a lot of brass.  I've been on the hunt as well to incorporate this look into my own home.
                                          Brass in Lighting

I recently won at auction a pair identical to these candle holders shown below.

Now can anyone recommend a good Brass cleaner?