Saturday, September 5, 2015

Switching out bronze for brass

I still haven't solved my fabric dilemma, in fact I found 3 more fabrics I like.  I am waiting on the swatches to arrive to make my final decision. My cabinets are being installed in 2 weeks (yay, can't wait) in the meantime I have been shopping for hardware.  

My initial thought was to go with all bronze since my current light fixtures are, and we recently purchased a bronze kitchen faucet. However, I realized that the look isn't working for me any longer and I want to do something entirely different for my kitchen.  

That picture was taken shortly before everything was removed.  As you can see the light fixture, the faucet and the cabinet hardware are all bronze.  It just makes for a very dark kitchen even though this room is flooded with light.  The granite counter top will be the same but now I want to add brass.

I've ordered the pulls in various sizes depending upon the size of the cabinet or drawer.  I have so many things planned for my dream kitchen and it's nice to finely see it coming together.